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Viquity Launches Dynamic Commerce Network

Start-up Viquity Corp., a developer of outsourced e-business infrastructure for the automation of production procurement, officially launched and made available its Dynamic Commerce Network (DCN). DCN is a platform that enables companies to automate direct procurement processes between their trading partners, in contrast to MRO procurement solutions. Viquity's first customers include PairGain Technologies Sonic Manufacturing Technologies and RedBack Networks.

The Viquity Dynamic Commerce Network, which includes an Internet document transport service, Viquity Basis, and an intelligent commerce hub, Viquity Nexus, enables secure system-to-system exchange of business documents to eliminate the errors and delays associated with manual and point-to-point direct procurement methods, the company said.

The network features "guaranteed delivery and receipt of business documents, seamless compatibility with firewalls, centralized capabilities to manage the complexity of system-to-system information exchange, and an integrated data repository for trading network business intelligence and multi-level supply chain visibility," the company said.

Release 1.0 will be available in June. Monthly subscription fees start at $1,000 and are based on the number of trading partners, transaction set required and the complexity of the customer's ERP system. One-time implementation charges start at $10,000.

Separately, Viquity formed a strategic alliance with professional services firm Deloitte & Touche. The companies will conduct joint marketing of their solutions to both new and existing clients.