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Digital Signatures Offered on Greeting Cards

In what it claims is a first for the industry, a site called getacard.com unveiled a new digital Personal Signature feature for personalizing paper greeting cards that can be mailed remotely.

The proprietary, free service provides customers with the ability to use a signature in their own handwriting on any card on the getacard.com site, the company said.

"Consumers have repeatedly said that this is the capability they need and the industry has repeatedly told them that it was not possible at a reasonable price," said Gary H. Hickox, getacard.com chief executive officer. "Now getacard.com has done the impossible for free."

getacard.com said its members simply supply the company with up to five signatures in their own handwriting. The signatures are securely downloaded to the site, enabling customers to "point and click" to add their own signature to any card they buy.

"This new feature is a quantum leap for the industry and provides getacard.com with a substantial competitive advantage in the greeting card market," said Hickox. " customers can now easily and securely buy and send greeting cards online and still provide that sentimental touch using their own personal signature."

To add the digitized Personal Signature, getacard.com said that customers sign up, print out the signature form from the getacard.com site, add their account information, e-mail address and up to five signatures.

After faxing the form to getacard.com's toll-free number at 1-800-924-NAME (6263) or mailing the form to getacard.com, an e-confirmation will be sent to customers notifying them that they can begin personalizing their cards with their handwritten signatures.

Signatures can range from full names for formal or business-related cards to first names or nicknames for more personal correspondence.

The card site said it offers a variety of paper greeting cards and personal services, personal calendars, address books and e-mail reminders that help to organize correspondence.

Customers may inscribe and mail greeting cards for approximately $2 to $3.50. Business greeting cards may be priced lower and provided on a volume order basis