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Musicmatch Launches Jukebox For The Macintosh Beta

MusicMatch Inc. Wednesday unveiled its jukebox product for the Macintosh beta.

MusicMatch Jukebox 1.0 for the Macintosh allows Mac users the ability to record, organize, find and play music in one software package. CD-quality MP3s can be recorded using Fraunhofer's MP3 encoding technology.

User are provided with the ability to organize their MP3s in a music library and tag each track with multimedia information such as album art, artist bios and liner notes. They can also create and save custom music play lists, change the look and feel of the interface with a selection of custom themes and download tracks to USB-enable portable MP3 players like the Creative NOMAD II.

"Until now, Mac users have been forced to pay a premium to benefit from the advanced MP3 recording, organization and playback features all-in-one jukebox software has to offer," said Dennis Mudd, chief executive officer of MusicMatch Inc. "This product offers all of these features and more."

The product can be downloaded at no cost by visiting the company's Web site.