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Gigabeat Launches One-Stop Music Gateway

Gigabeat Inc. Thursday unveiled a new online music gateway that enables fans to find, sample, play and purchase any music available on the Web.

Using a patent-pending "find-and-discover" search technology -- specifically designed for music -- Gigabeat delivers music and content through links to commerce sites and radio stations.

Also, Gigabeat's GigaSpiral visual discovery tool displays search results in graphical format, allowing users to view and customize each search and to uncover new information on artists, genres and specific songs with similarities to music they already know.

Gigabeat's "similar artist" and "similar song" data is a pure technology approach to making music recommendations. Based on Ph.D. research at Stanford University by Gigabeat's founders, the technology builds relationships based on millions of data points found all across the Web.

Gigabeat's technology then combines all of this data to compare multiple artists to one another, rather than simply comparing artists on a one to one basis. In addition, Gigabeat's proprietary technology analyzes individual music files to compare songs and artists to one another based on various aspects of the music itself.

Searches can be conducted by artist's name, song title or lyric. Gigabeat filters out the "noise," prioritizes exact matches and eliminates dead links. The technology checks links every 24 hours and lets users check again at any moment.

To streamline the process of finding a song, results are compiled categorically by song and quality of file.

Gigabeat can also connect users to bios and background information on artists.