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MP3.com Offers Free Digital CDs

MP3.com Inc. Thursday launched its Instant Music Program to deliver free, full-length digital CDs to 500,000 registered My.MP3.com users.

For a limited time, MP3.com will distribute 10 free Net CDs from leading digital artists to each of its 500,000 registered My.MP3.com users, as well as new visitors who register for a free account. Members can listen to the tracks immediately and add the Net CDs to their personal audio collection.

"The Instant Music Program is a great way for consumers to build a digital library of music across a wide range of genres," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of MP3.com.

"Our delivery system is highly targeted, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. It's just like receiving a free CD without the packaging. The Instant Music Program allows artists to increase their fan base and provides a tremendous opportunity for record labels and potential sponsors to reach their target markets instantly."

The following 10 CDs by leading MP3.com digital artists are immediately available to all My.MP3.com users: Ex Number Five (Alternative), "a history of ... "; John Bell Young (Classical), "Jouissance!"; Mickey Dean (Country), "Billy Bobs"; subLINER (Electronic), "The Platinum Sound of Trance"; The Chris Geith Group (Jazz), "Prime Time"; Burn The Priest (Metal), "Sevens and More"; Arika Kimble (Urban/R&B), "Everything U Need"; L.A. Carpool (Latin), "When Worlds Collide"; Tears for Beers (World/Folk), "Cracky Bones"; and Dyce (Hip Hop/Rap), "Pokeno."

The positive play by MP3.com comes in stark contrast to the darker skies the firm faced in early May when it bowed to pressure from the Recording Industry Association of America, who sued the firm in January for copyright infringement. MP3.com removed major artists from its service.