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BEA Launches Online E-Commerce Developer Center

E-commerce transactions company BEA Systems Inc. launched a developer program, including a new Online Developer Center, featuring incentives and rewards for active members and special product licensing for educational institutions.

The program is aimed at helping to accelerate development of e-commerce systems built on Java technology by providing extensive information resources, from special interest discussion groups to libraries of code samples.

The company said the mission is to extend the expertise within BEA out to the developer community, and to provide a forum to support developers in their efforts to deliver e-commerce applications. The program will encourage developers to share their collective knowledge and enable them to take advantage of the information resources, expert advice and code samples provided by BEA engineers and technologists.

"Every day, over a thousand developers -- be they seasoned Enterprise JavaBeans experts or students just learning Java -- download BEA products for evaluation and development," said Peter Tait, BEA Internet marketing director.

"The goal of our new BEA Developer Program is to build a long-term relationship with all application developers, and to provide what developers may come to believe is the single best resource for tips and solutions to speed their e-commerce application development."

Using BEA WebLogic Personalization Server, the Online Developer Center tailors content and presentation to the specific interests of each individual member.

At the online center, a "test circuit" section provides access to useful components and alpha code samples. In addition, an online suggestion box through wish@bea.com invites developers to submit their ideas to the direct attention of BEA product managers.

To encourage participation, BEA said it will reward developers who contribute code and assist other developers. Select prizes will include: BEA remote-control race cars, tickets and pit passes to motor racing events, and scholarships to auto racing schools around the world.

Through the BEA University Program, professors and instructors will be provided with free licenses for course development and lab production, as well as BEA case studies, code samples, and evaluation software for use by students. Schools and universities will also receive significant discounts on the purchase of full licenses for production use of BEA products within the institution.

BEA Systems markets an e-commerce transaction platform, and offers consulting, education, and support services.