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SRSWOWcast.com Inc., the Internet entertainment subsidiary of SRS Labs Inc., Thursday announced that it has selected Akamai Technologies Inc. as its media delivery services provider.

Akamai will be responsible for the streaming music and entertainment content of the Web site, which is scheduled to launch in July. Upon its launch, the site will combine stereo enhancement and surround sound Internet broadcast audio technologies with music and video content.

Offerings will include original programming, a selection of music genres, interactive music communities, live concert performances, music chat lounges, audio-based infotainment, a store for purchase of hardware and software and an artist colony showcasing unsigned, independent artists.

Akamai will deliver the MP3 music downloads from the artist colony section of the Web site. Its FreeFlow and FreeFlow Streaming services will deliver streaming programming via numerous server locations around the world.

"A quality experience is our absolute focus," said Chuck Cortright, president of SRSWOWcast.com. "It starts with the content itself, and cannot be compromised in the final delivery to our audience. Akamai is the best choice for us to deliver the most reliable and fastest responding entertainment experience."