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Loudeye Announces B2B Syndication for Streaming

Loudeye Technologies Inc. Monday announced a new business-to-business syndication model for selling streaming media on the Internet.

Media Syndicator is designed to offer content owners new revenue opportunities, e-commerce functionality for digital media, increased site stickiness and the ability to leverage technological advances at Loudeye's Digital Media Centers.

The product is a platform independent, Internet-based application that enables businesses to create subscriptions, business rules, encrypt and syndicate any version of Windows Media streaming media technology over the Internet.

Media Syndicator supports a content owners' ability to create new business models around streaming media and distribute content to purchasers with whom they've previously been unable to do business. By enabling content owners to apply business rules, including pay-per-play, expiration in a number of days, expiration after a number of plays and geography, content owners can manage where their content will be played, how long and for how much.

Curt Marvis, CinemaNow chief executive officer, said, "The application is a significant advancement towards making streaming media syndication both profitable and secure. CinemaNow's use of Media Syndicator will allow us to efficiently control and manage our large library of films while making it easier to maintain ongoing revenue streams."

Once the content owner and the content purchaser agree to syndicate streaming media, the content is encrypted and incorporated into the application's distributor server. The distributor manages the content by creating business rules and subscriptions defining how the content will be used by the affiliate. The affiliate installs the client software, registers with the distributor, chooses the content they want to purchase and pays for the content via an e-commerce transaction. The content is then encrypted and securely transferred to the affiliate's server.

The product is expected to be available later this year.