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SPEEDUS.COM Signs With Channelseek

SPEEDUS.COM Inc. Friday signed an agreement with Channelseek to create a broadband portal.

Under the agreement, Channelseek will provide SPEEDUS.COM with its guide to streaming audio and video events on the Internet. In return, SPEEDUS.COM will create a broadband portal allowing visitors to access localized, daily program guides of live and prerecorded concerts, sporting events, radio programs, speeches, news events, or any other streaming media on the Web.

The Company has been streaming live and pre-recorded coverage of the SPEEDUS.COM sponsored Mount McKinley Expedition over its proprietary infrastructure to the Internet. The expedition tested wireless satellite streaming technology by transmitting video back to the SPEEDUS.COM Network Operations Center (NOC) in Brooklyn, New York. Both high-speed and other Internet users have access to coverage but high-speed users have a dramatically better viewing experience.

"SPEEDUS.COM provides us with access to one of the leading broadband ISPs and a pioneer in the fixed wireless broadband technology arena," said Tom Britt, chief executive officer and co-founder of Channelseek. "SPEEDUS.COM's users can rely on Channelseek to track down the Web's best broadband content and present it in an easy-to-navigate format."