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Macromedia Upgrades Personalization Tool

Macromedia Inc. upgraded its real-time LikeMinds Web personalization solution to version 5.0, saying the new release extends the power of brick-and-mortar marketing technology to e-businesses.

This version offers "more relevant product recommendations" and was designed to increase average order size and customer retention, the company said.

Macromedia also released a version of LikeMinds 5.0 software specifically developed to integrate seamlessly with BroadVision One-to-One Commerce applications and to complement its rules-based personalization solution. Macromedia also introduced Aria Enterprise 5.0 software, the latest version of its Web site tracking, reporting and analysis solution.

LikeMinds 5.0 is a patented collaborative filtering personalization software solution that can analyze visitor buying patterns in real-time, while a customer is actively engaged on the site. In addition to making real-time recommendations based on clickstream, purchase history, preferences and product matching, LikeMinds 5.0 adds a new Item Affinity Engine for performing online market basket analysis.

The market basket analysis technology , already in use in the brick-and-mortar retail marketing world, makes "if then" recommendations for products that real-time analysis has shown are frequently purchased in tandem. These products can range from intuitive cross-sells such as a camera and a carrying case to less obvious choices such as recipe ingredients (like sour cream and French onion soup mix for chip dip) that are often purchased together but would be unlikely to be related in a pre-defined selling rule.

"The more relevant and satisfying e-marketers can make the shopping experience for their customers, the more likely both customer retention rates and online order size will increase," said Stephen Elop, senior vice president and general manager for Macromedia.

"LikeMinds 5.0 makes the consumer shopping experience seamless. Visitors can purchase more products that address their individual needs in less time"

LikeMinds 5.0 also has a new Web-based administration interface and additional capabilities for personalizing the experience of first time visitors.