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Personalization Added to eStoreManager

eStoreManager.com, an Internet and e-commerce services provider for small to medium-sized organizations, has launched a personalized promotions module to its eStoreManager product.

eStoreManager is a store builder, manager, transaction processor and hosting service designed specifically for the non-technical users. The personalization module is now available as part of the company's complete e-store solution.

The new module allows merchants using eStoreManager to acknowledge someone who has previously visited or made a purchase on their site with a personalized message the next time he or she visits the store. This message (created online by the merchant) can be a simple greeting, a discount or both.

Merchants can also send their customers a thank you e-mail with a special discount code or make suggestions about complementary items based on a customer's purchase history.

"The personalized promotion module enables eStoreManager.com merchants to truly personalize the sales experience and create an ongoing promotion/purchase dialogue with their customers," said Rick Ono, vice president of marketing at the company.

eStoreManager starts at $149 per month; optional services such as credit card processing, personalization, purchase order support and digital goods support are available at an additional $50 to $99 per service.