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Call Back Service Added to Excite@Home Storefront Apps

Excite@Home will integrate RealCall Alert, a Web call back service, into its suite of online storefront creation tools.

RealCall said the service enhances merchant sites, making it easier for consumers to buy on the Internet by adding real-time, live customer service.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

RealCall Alert will provide Excite@Home's Web merchants with an automated, interactive button that links prospective customers to the merchant's call center or sales line. Web merchants who add this feature will be able to speak directly with customers to answer questions and respond to sales leads.

"Integrating RealCall's technology with our storefront creation tools enables our merchants to use a low-cost, reliable product that provides the superior level of customer response that e-commerce customers expect today," Dan Odette, vice president of marketing, Excite Business Applications.

Excite@Home will introduce RealCall Alert to its merchants through newsletters, sales channel training communications and other marketing promotions. RealCall Alert is scheduled to be available within Excite@Home's storefront creation tools in the third quarter.

Excite Business Applications, part of Excite@Home's Business Solutions division, is a provider of e-commerce solutions for small to medium size businesses.

RealCall offers a range of services from Info Alert (content delivery to subscribers) to RealCall Alert which links a Web site, online banner ad, or interactive television ad to a call center, sales office or any ordinary telephone so businesses can talk to potential customers while their interest is fresh.