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SportsLine.com Launches New Shopping Channel

Internet sports media company SportsLine.com Inc. launched a new shopping channel called within its flagship site, CBS SportsLine.com.

The new MarketPlace on SportsLine.com is designed to enable retailers to access SportsLine.com's targeted audience, while providing CBS SportsLine.com users with convenient access to a variety of products and services.

The individual retailers are paying SportsLine.com a fee for space in the MarketPlace and the retailer retains all responsibility for inventory, transactions, fulfillment and customer service.

"The beauty of MarketPlace on SportsLine.com is that we can further monetize our audience base and traffic while offering quality products and services to our users without re-entering the e-commerce business directly," said Dan Head, vice president of e-commerce for SportsLine.com.

SportsLine.com's posted e-commerce sales revenue of $16.5 million in sporting goods alone in 1999, which led to the sale of its sporting goods e-commerce operation to MVP.com in a 10-year, multimillion-dollar agreement in late 1999. MVP.com also has exclusivity in the sporting goods category of MarketPlace on SportsLine.com.

At launch, MarketPlace on SportsLine.com features categories such as art and collectibles, watches, leather goods, flowers, gourmet foods, sporting goods, fresh fruit and travel. Ultimately, the MarketPlace on SportsLine.com is expected to grow to more than 40 categories with hundreds of vendors, the company said.

Meanwhile, MSNBCSports.com, the Internet home of NBC Sports, will launch its online sports fan store next Monday (July 17), the result of an alliance with eFANshop, a Dallas-based e-commerce company that will manage all aspects of the store, including site design, merchandising, order processing and fulfillment, and customer service.

The new shop will feature more than 10,000 officially licensed products, including caps, jerseys, and T-shirts from leading properties such as the NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR and Major League Baseball.