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Gig.com Launches Digital Music Infrastructure and Content Management

Gig.com has announced an Internet infrastructure and content management system designed to enable Music Service Providers to manage, store and deliver copyright-friendly "Jukebox in the Sky" digital music content and services to consumers.

"Online digital music services will become the next 'must-have' services for music retailers as well as consumer Internet portals, much like e-mail and chat services are today," said Albert Chen, chief exectuive officer, Gig.com.

"Our Jukebox in the Sky services enable MSPs to get up and running quickly and create the 'stickiness' needed to build and maintain strong relationships with consumers, allowing MSPs to deliver high-value, personalized, and truly indispensable digital music services. "Equally important, Gig.com is the only system provider that focuses on adding value behind the scenes-leaving MSPs free to manage consumer information, and ultimately, the relationship."

Supported with investments from Alcatel Ventures, Altos Ventures and Sony Music Entertainment, Gig.com has developed a scalable system that enables MSPs to provide personalized services to consumers, including "Jukebox in the Sky" services, personalized music storage and management capabilities, and high-speed access to stored content regardless of device.

Gig.com's system provides scalable storage and delivery capabilities that enable MSPs to capitalize on the rapidly growing digital music market. In addition, the system features user authentication and rights management capabilities, allowing MSPs to provide copyright-friendly services.

Version 1.0 of Gig.com's music delivery, management and storage system is available now. Version 2.0, which will include new management and delivery features, is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2000.