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Active Research Expands Its Reach

Buyer's guide producer Active Research Inc. has signed agreements with Clickthebutton.com Inc. and Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports magazine and Consumer Reports Online.

The partnership with Clickthebutton.com is aimed at creating a one-stop comparison service that offers consumers all the information necessary to make smart shopping decisions, from product information to merchant pricing and availability.

Clickthebutton will offer Active Buyer's Guide product recommendations directly from its shopping site.

The deal with Consumers Union will make Active Research's product data and information on a wide range of consumer goods available to Consumer Reports subscribers, which includes 4.2 million for Consumer Reports magazine and more than 425,000 paid subscribers to Consumer Reports Online.

Active Research will provide detailed product information and images on consumer electronics, baby products, home office equipment, appliances, lawn & garden products, and tools.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed for either deal.

Active Buyer's Guide helps shoppers in over 100 product categories by honing in on each user's individual preferences and identifying the products that best match their individual needs. The recommendations returned are unbiased, highly personalized, and culled from comprehensive catalogs of virtually every product available on the market, the company says.

"The advent of the Internet has increased the consumer's appetite for research on detailed product information," says Jeff Asher, vice president of technical operations at Consumer Reports.

"While Consumer Reports continues to focus its work on the unique product testing, performance ratings, and reliability data that millions of consumers trust and rely on, Active Research will provide us with a greater breadth of information on product details and features, such as dimensions, prices, and availability."

Clickthebutton will also enable Active Buyer's Guide to expand it s comparison shopping service by providing consumers access to up-to-date pricing and purchase location information on all the products in its extensive, hand-matched database.

"Our partnership with Active Buyer's Guide brings `what to buy' and `where to buy it' together for consumers," said Cheyenne Ehrlich, chairman and chief executive officer of Clickthebutton. "In addition, by powering Active Buyer's Guide's new price comparison feature, we will significantly increase traffic to Clickthebutton's merchant partners."

Clickthebutton's first product is a downloadable roving shopping companion that alerts users whenever a price comparison is available, allowing them to shop anywhere and buy at the best price. This service currently covers more than three million products at over 400 stores.