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SPS Commerce Adds Online Yellow Pages Directory

Retail and manufacturing B2B exchange services company SPS Commerce launched a Yellow Pages directory, calling the move "part of the company's commitment to provide customer-focused services to small and mid-sized businesses."

The directory represents "the next generation of sophisticated, pre-qualified, electronically capable companies currently doing business on the SPS Commerce exchange," enabling retail and manufacturing companies to trade with these vendors instantly without encountering compliance or technology issues, the company said.

The directory provides profiles of vendors and buyers in SPS' trading community. Retailers and manufacturers can now source new products and locate new vendors online from one central access point.

Once a new vendor is identified, the buyer has immediate access to that vendor's contact information and online product catalog that details product descriptions, sizes, cost and availability.

All vendors listed are electronically enabled, assuring the retailers and manufacturers that the vendor they choose can comply with their electronic requirements, SPS said.

"This new yellow pages directory service is the latest innovation to our exchange services, and is designed to enable our customers and their vendors to streamline supply chain processes for better e-business," aid Steve Waldron, president and chief executive officer of SPS Commerce.

The Yellow Pages Directory is the second in a series of planned exchange services SPS will launch. Earlier this year, SPS unveiled an online product catalog, which provides both buyers and vendors with a way to maintain and access detailed product information.