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Pizza Portal Wants to Take a Bite Out of Competition

Allpizza.com launched on Monday with goals to take a bite out of the pizza market.

The self-proclaimed "pizza portal," which rolled out in Reno, Nev., offers pizza and soft drink delivery from four major chains: Round Table Pizza, Domino's Pizza, Little Caesars and Pizza Hut.

Users can take advantage of a single-screen ordering process in which they select takeout or a delivery time, take advantage of online money-saving coupons or daily specials, and choose pizza toppings and soft drinks. Orders can be made up to seven days in advance of a delivery date.

What gives this site its confidence during a time when online delivery services seem to be falling by the wayside?

"Everyone loves pizza," says Courtney della Cava, vice president of marketing for AllPizza.com. "This site offers customers a food they love and the franchisers a new method of promoting their products."

"Pizza is the number-one-rated food and the number-one delivered food," she said. "On average, one person eats 46 slices of pizza a year.

"Consumers are constantly looking for brand aggregation," she continued. "This Web site gives pizza vendors a new means to reach their customers. Once an order is made, we channel the information to each vendor in a simple, efficient, cost-effective manner that leverages the Internet and point-of-sale technology.

"We conducted extensive research before launching," she added. "According to our marketing studies, 70 percent of those surveyed said they would use our service if they were on line and 40 percent said they would log on just to make an order."

The site additionally keeps track of each order and each delivery so that customers can repeat orders.

The site was founded by Kevin McCurdy, a pizza lover who is no stranger to the Internet. McCurdy is the founder of bamboo.com, now known as Internet Pictures Corporation, which offers the online iPIX imaging technology.

Currently Allpizza.com is in a 90-day test period. Although no numbers are in yet, the site has already received requests for inclusion from independent operators and national chains. More vendors are expected to be added to the present offerings.

A national roll out is expected by early 2001.

Allpizza.com's ultimate goal is to take a slice out of a $32 billion per year industry, according to della Cava. "This is a country that is predicted to spend $17 billion on food and beverage on the Internet by 2004," she said.

Now that's a lot of dough.