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Smells Like...Teen Spirit

Consumer products juggernaut Procter & Gamble signed a two-year, multi-brand sponsorship deal with Bolt, a Web site and communications platform that caters to 15- to 20-year-olds.

Bolt said it will leverage its proprietary suite of tools and services and its interactive relationship with its approximately 3.5 million members to develop strategic marketing programs for a number of P&G brands including Pringles, Pantene, Always and Tampax.

In addition to the exposure, P&G gets custom research that utilizes Bolt's proprietary teen-segmentation model that is expected to give the consumer products company insight into today's younger consumers. Financial specifics of the deal were not disclosed.

Among the sponsorship venues is "Hair Help" featuring Pantene, which allows Bolt members to submit hair questions and solicit expert advice from other members while interacting with Bolt's proprietary offerings such as Bolt Polls and Bolt Tagbooks.

Other P&G-powered programs include "Fact or Fiction," sponsored by Always and Tampax, which serves as a resource for member queries regarding feminine health issues. Additional tools for other P&G brands are in development, the companies said.

"Our agreement with Bolt helps P&G connect with teens by providing relevant information about several of our teen targeted brands through useful tools and advertising," said Doug Milne, i-brand manager of P&G iVentures. "By leveraging our marketing expertise within the Bolt property, we can begin to develop more engaged relationships with the next generation of consumers by connecting them with our brands"

The P&G-sponsored interactive areas can be accessed at bolt.com, within the recently launched co-branded AOL Teens Channel and on Bolt Everywhere, a teen wireless platform. Bolt offers its members free communication services including e-mail, voicemail, voice chat, Tagbooks, People Search, Bolt Notes, message boards, instant messaging and wireless services.