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Bundling Up Some E-Commerce Solutions

B2B e-commerce enabler PurchasePro.com signed a deal with software giant Computer Associates International Inc. that calls for the latter's products, including Neugents ii, E-Trust and Jasmine ii, to be integrated into the PurchasePro.com platform.

The two companies will jointly market and promote the bundled solutions. Financial details of the arrangement were not disclosed.

The partnership provides PurchasePro.com with access to thousands of mid-sized and large companies through CA's relationships, complementing its efforts to reach businesses through strategic relationships with America Online, Sprint, Office Depot and others.

"CA's technology will allow us to unlock the value of our marketplace data to benefit all our users," said Charles Johnson, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of PurchasePro.com.

"We believe the relationship will deliver the strongest value proposition to our customers while delivering multiple recurring revenue streams for both CA and PurchasePro.com," said Russ Artzt, executive vice president and co-founder of CA.

CA will work with PurchasePro.com to integrate its artificial intelligence technology, security functionality and advanced ERP integration capabilities with PurchasePro.com's platform. Neugents ii, a patented neural network technology, provides self-learning, intelligent applications that will allow PurchasePro.com's marketplaces to forecast and adjust to changing market conditions in real time.

CA's E-Trust technology safeguards resources from browser to mainframe and includes risk assessment, attack detection and loss prevention. The Jasmine ii technology, which uses the data analysis capabilities of Neugents ii, will streamline ERP integration.

CA has 20,000 employees worldwide and had revenue in excess of $6.7 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2000. PurchasePro powers approximately 160 private-labeled marketplaces encompassing more than 25,000 businesses. The company says it can make private labeled marketplaces operational in 45 days or less.