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QNX, Teligent Partner for Net-Enabled Pay Phone

In what represents an innovative approach to the multimedia kiosk concept, QNX Software Systems Ltd. and Teligent AB unveiled a new pay phone designed to allow European users to exchange e-mail, surf the Web, and access various online services.

"Inform@fon looks like a pay phone, and does all the things normal pay phones do," said Christer Young, project manager at Teligent. "But it's really a highly customizable platform that helps telecom companies serve a much broader range of customers."

QNX said Inform@fon allows laptop users to share files with remote co-workers, and enables smart-card users to withdraw electronic funds from bank accounts. The phone also features fax capabilities, accepts collect calls, and allows users to leave a message if a number is busy.

Manufactured by Teligent using real-time technology from QNX, Inform@fon is now available in Sweden via telecom provider Telia AB.

The QNX Internet Appliance Toolkit, which was used to create much of the software for Inform@fon, is also available for approximately US$15,000.

Teligent AB, with offices in Stockholm, London, and Madrid, is a provider of high-end systems for European telecom operators. Ottawa, Canada-based QNX Software Systems develops real-time operating system software for PCs.