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MobilePlanet Brings Wireless to ThinkPad Customers

Those who never heard of MobilePlanet will now -- the wireless product reseller was tapped by four technology giants to create a complete wireless solution for IBM's popular notebooks.

IBM, Intel, Motorola and Psion chipped in devices to create a solution specifically for IBM ThinkPad A and T series users to grab wireless access.

The access was made sculpted with Motorola's Timeport L7089 (International) handset, IBM's International V90 Modem and Psion's Motorola GSM Upgrade cable. Included in every wireless solution box shipped from MobilePlanet is a "Think Wireless" Quick Start Guide, created by Intel. This guide outlines the components of the wireless solution and explains how to get them up and running quickly.

MobilePlanet's move is no surprise. Hundreds of mobile specialists are answering the bell to comes up with products, often for major companies. Though many large firms are spawning wireless divisions, it is the smaller firms that have been battle-tested over the years that the giants turn to for their expertise. Accessing corporate intranets while traveling has become more of an essential than a convenience in the New Economy.

International Data Corp. said that by 2003, 61.5 million mobile devices will be used wirelessly for information services in the U.S. alone. And in Europe, the number seems to be much higher what with wireless experts such as Nokia and Ericsson paving the way.

"With the increasing demand for wireless products, a full-fledged solution is ideal for those people wanting to go wireless today," said Rick McGee, vice president of mobile brand marketing, IBM Personal Systems Group. "The combination of our new ThinkPad notebooks and other leading products, along with MobilePlanet's solution, will prove to be extremely valuable to our mutual customers."

IBM's ThinkPad A and T series notebooks will be shipped with brochures describing the Think Wireless solution.

Born in 1993, MobilePlanet grew from home-based, mobile computing catalog business to what is now a leading multi-channel direct reseller of mobile computing products and services to mobile professionals. MobilePlanet was acquired by e-commerce firm investor Pinault-Printemps-Redoute in June 1999.