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VoCAL Technologies Announces "Voice Over IP" Solution

VoCAL Technologies announced VoVoIP, a software suite designed to provide a complete solution for voice over IP networks, including LANs, intranets, and the Internet.

VoVoIP consists of a fully integrated speech/audio processing system with routines for voice coding, line echo cancellation, DTMF detection and generation, call progress detection/generation, and more.

"Our solution is distinctive on three counts. The package integrates all the functions needed to implement a corporate or enterprise voice over IP system; the software is not just a voice coding system. Second, we support all the major ITU voice coders," said VoCAL's David Jamieson.

"This gives the user a choice of voice quality vs. bandwidth vs. compute complexity. And third, the entire library is designed to operate on a dedicated DSP, making multiline systems and enterprise gateways low-cost and very manageable."

As the vendor points out, voice over IP equipment designers soon discover that speech compression and framing are not the only challenges in this field. If IP telephony is to have similar features to those in the switched circuit world, enabling technology is needed.

VoCAL said VoVoIP is designed to meet this need, supporting eight different kinds of speech coders, and executing all the voice and telephony algorithms on a dedicated digital signal processor (DSP).

VoVoIP is available immediately for Analog Devices' ADSP-218X family of DSPs. Pricing is designed to meet a variety of OEM needs.