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CustomCD Provides Publishing-On-Demand

MicroTech Conversion Systems released CustomCD, an application that enables the production of custom CDs from a repository of information.

The vendor said it "can control and automate nearly all of the publishing-on-demand manufacturing process."

CustomCD can accept orders via the World Wide Web or from an enterprise application, and complete them by building a customized CD, the firm said. It first searches for the designated data--pre-mastering it if necessary--then makes the required number of CDs and finally prints selected text and images on each disc and liner. In the shipping department, a bar code scanner is used for matching discs, liners and shipping labels.

"For the music industry, CustomCD will track licensing dates, copyright and artist information, and maintain libraries of images and text for CD and liner note printing," the company said in a statement.

Because music tracks tend to vary in loudness levels, the CustomCD software performs audio track normalization to make adjustments to the levels. This is one of several features which makes it, according to the vendor, "ideal for Internet-based companies selling make-your-own music CDs."

Now shipping, CustomCD costs $49,000, which includes the vendor's services in matching CustomCD to the customer's interface.