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Tidel Plans to Market an E-Commerce Enabled ATM

Houston-based Tidel Technologies Inc. introduced Chameleon, "an Internet-savvy, interactive multimedia kiosk that combines the security of traditional Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) banking networks with the e-commerce options of the Internet."

The new machine would allow an ATM user, for example, to make a cash withdrawal, and then buy airline tickets and book a hotel reservation, all while receiving advertising messages in broadcast-quality video and audio.

"With Chameleon, Tidel has redefined the state of the art in ATM technology. . .," said Mark K. Levenick, CEO of Tidel's operating company. "With a direct hot link to the Internet via Web-enabled screens, the Chameleon ATM will allow consumers to process a variety of convenience-based transactions never before possible at their local ATM."

"With its flexibility and ease of customization, Chameleon should become the platform of choice for customers who need an interactive, multimedia kiosk with banking capabilities," said James T. Rash, chairman of Tidel. "We are excited about our entry into the interactive kiosk market, which is growing at a rate of 35% per year and is expected to reach approximately $3 billion in sales by 2003."

Chameleon will be available for delivery during the quarter ending June 1999. Pricing was not disclosed.

Like its namesake, Chameleon can change to fit into any environment, the company said. Owner/operators can configure Chameleon as a point-of- information terminal to deliver information on specific products or services. Chameleon can also change its colors and be simultaneously configured as a point-of-sale terminal to sell airline, movie and event tickets, stamps, prepaid phone cards and other goods and services via the Internet.

At the heart of every Chameleon is a Pentium-powered PC running Microsoft Windows NT. Chameleon has a 15-inch color monitor and provides digital stereo and video for ad messages that can be delivered while users are waiting for their transactions to process. The interface is touch-screen.

The introduction of Chameleon complements the company's newly announced Ignition series ATM product line (the IS-1000 and the IS-6000) which includes all of the features of its popular AnyCard ATM predecessors but with a more modern, user-friendly design.