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WebZinger 6.0 Will Be All-In-One Tool For Internet Researchers

ImaginOn is set to release WebZinger 6.0 in late January next year, an all-in-one "supra-search engine" for Internet searchers that will permit searching, locating, downloading, formatting, presenting and browsing.

It is said to be the first product of its kind to combine all these features into a single application. Written in Java, it runs on PCs, Apple Macs and Unix workstations.

The traditional way of researching a subject on the Internet is to use a browser, visit the search engines, visit the sites that are identified by the engines, and then download the appropriate information including pictures and video/audio clips. The user then needs to organize the results into a usable report.

"It's like having a research assistant who is Web-savvy, capable of delivering to you a multimedia report, complete with text, pictures, video and audio on any topic, anytime you need it," said David Schwartz, ImaginOn's CEO.

ImaginOn claims that "for most reports" WebZinger 6.0 will carry out the entire process in about 30 minutes, working by itself without user intervention.

WebZinger 6.0 will cost $44.95.