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Into the Wild Online Yonder

AirNewco, an airline-led B2B initiative, and MyAircraft, a B2B exchange led by aerospace manufacturers, said they will combine their online efforts into a new, neutral, global e-marketplace venture for the aviation industry.

The exchange, which will be open to all companies in the industry, will use the Internet to offer buyers the ability to link with sellers in five key operational areas: maintenance and engineering, fuel and fuel services, catering and cabin services, airport support services, and general procurement.

AirNewco's founding airlines got together in April with the intent to form an exchange that would streamline the industry's supply chain. AirNewco includes Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia Airlines, SAirGroup, United Air Lines and United Parcel Service.

MyAircraft, announced last February, is a joint venture among United Technologies Corp., Honeywell International Inc., the BFGoodrich Co. and e-business solutions provider i2 Technologies Inc. That venture has been focused on developing an e-marketplace for aerospace aftermarket products and services in the air transport, business, regional and military aviation businesses.

Executives said the new venture will aim to provide the aviation industry with an end-to-end e-business solution that includes e-procurement, supply chain management and technical information services.

i2 will be joined by B2B e-commerce platform provider Ariba Inc. in providing the new exchange's core e-business platform. No financial details were disclosed.

The new venture, to be named later this year, will be based in the Washington, D.C. area and is shooting to offer initial services during the first quarter of 2001. Products and services will include online catalogs, reverse and forward auctions, inventory and supply chain management tools and transaction support features. Ownership of the independently managed new venture will be shared among the 13 individual members of AirNewco and MyAircraft.