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BlackPlanet, Time Set Up Content Partnership

BlackPlanet.com and Time are partnering in a news content deal that begins during Black History month and extends beyond.

BlackPlanet.com, which defines itself as "the ground-breaking online community for the African Diaspora," will offer historic content provided by Time throughout the month of February.

The alliance sets a standard for integrating content and co-branding, said Omar Wasow, executive director of BlackPlanet.com.

"We believe our partnership will set the bar for how publishers can integrate their content and brands on sites frequented by the exploding numbers of African-Americans online," said Wasow. "The selection of BlackPlanet.com by the news weekly is a nod to the tremendous loyalty and following our site has within the African-American community."

The campaign is Time's first Web-based multicultural marketing outreach, noted Melvin Young, marketing director, multicultural markets, Time.

"Our hope is to provide BlackPlanet.com's audience with a valuable historical archive that they can turn to online," he said. "This represents a wonderful opportunity to showcase our magazine's coverage of African-American achievement during Black History Month and beyond."

The steps taken between BlackPlanet.com and Time have long been recommended by industry experts who say that partnerships are essential for breaking down ethnic barriers and presenting more online marketing and branding opportunities.

Through the partnership, BlackPlanet.com will exclusively present a selection of stories that have appeared throughout the magazine's 50-year existence. During February, the content will feature eight profiles written on African-American leaders such as Marian Anderson and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, as well as other topics of relevance to BlackPlanet.com's members and the greater African-American community.

In tandem, BlackPlanet.com will offer trial subscriptions to the magazine. As a premium for signing up, members will receive points they can use for interacting on the site and participating in special promotions. Members are able to trade in points for various BlackPlanet.com branded merchandise such as CDs and clothing items.

Further, starting this spring, the news weekly and the Web site will pursue another partnership in which Time content will be featured on a "mini-site" hosted by BlackPlanet.com.