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audiohighway.com Launches audioshop

audiohighway.com, an Internet-based information and entertainment company, added an e-commerce section to its Web site with the launch of audioshop.

In addition to being able to download free audio content from the Web site, audiohighway.com visitors can purchase a number of name-brand computers, PC upgrade packages, sound cards, speakers and other computer components from the company's Web site.

Michael Lamb, vice president of sales for audiohighway.com, said that adding electronic commerce to the site will help strengthen a sense of community among its visitors. audiohighway.com, through its AudioCast System, uses the capabilities of the Web to enable users to download from the Internet and play back selected audio content, such as audio books, music, news programs and other forms of information and entertainment.

The company currently has available on its Web site audio content from such providers as National Public Radio, Newsweek On Air, Associated Press, Penguin Books USA and Compact Classics.