RealTime IT News Acquires

San Francisco-based, one of the leading Internet commerce sites for culinary products, said that it has acquired the assets of for an unspecified combination of cash and stock., an Internet travel and foreign language site founded in 1995, now claims 7.5 million page views and over 560,000 unique visitors per month. The site provides instant translations into 60 languages, as well as extensive travel information. Revenues are generated from advertising as well as e-commerce from the sale of airline tickets and hotel reservations. said it expects this acquisition will substantially increase the company's revenues.

"Travlang will complement our site by bringing additional traffic to our growing Lifestyles offerings of both content and e-commerce," said Chanan Steinhart, CEO of "It will expand our site, which offers specialized foods, chocolates, wines, cigars and other premium culinary products."

Michael Martin, founder of Travlang, will continue to consult with the company.

"People who enjoy gourmet foods and products are generally interested in travel and foreign language," said Tom McGrew, COO of GourmetMarket. "We have found a psychographics match that will allow us to offer users of both sites products and services that will interest them, inform them and motivate them to buy." markets specialty kitchenware, CD ROM cookbooks and gourmet food products, and has started five clubs for chocolate lovers and wine connoisseurs hosted by experts who select the products and provide information with each monthly shipment.