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IBC Launches Turnkey E-commerce Solutions Program

IBC (Interactive Business Channel) launched a new program to develop turnkey e-commerce solutions and said it will assist companies in creating a comprehensive Internet commerce and online marketing strategy.

"We are carefully examining high technology brick and mortar companies whose products can easily be catalogued and distributed over the Net such as I/O Magic's computer products, and Worldwide Medical, which are also featured public companies at the IBC Web site," said Matthew Marcus, IBC president.

IBC said it has structured a program that can assist a company in diversifying its revenue streams. IBC bases its e-commerce strategy on performance by accepting compensation in the form of stock, advertising, and a percentage of gross revenues.

IBC provide various Web portal services including free Web-based e-mail, free Web page communities, chat communities, auctions, targeted advertising, instant messaging and a personalized start page as well as directory and product suggestion services.

IBC said it has partnerships with companies that include amazon.com, cbsmarketwatch.com, briefing.com, quote.com, zacks.com, ipo.com, newsletters.com and quote.com.