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CyberCash Launches One-Click Shopping Site

Payment technology company CyberCash Inc. launched a one-click shopping service Web site called instabuy.com.

The site allows consumers to sign up for the InstaBuy one-click shopping service and make purchases from more than 85 online merchants, including Barnes & Noble, Eddie Bauer, Egghead.com, 1-800 Flowers and Sharper Image, through the Impulse! Buy Network.

"Instabuy.com represents a launch point, a Web site where consumers can get their InstaBuy wallets and start buying online with ease," said Denis Yaro, executive vice president of CyberCash. "As more merchants make the InstaBuy service available to their online customers, shoppers will also be able to sign up when they make a purchase at any of those sites."

During the first purchase at any InstaBuy-enabled merchant site, the consumer types his or her payment and shipping information into the merchant's own form. At the end of the purchase, the consumer is prompted to sign up for the free InstaBuy service by entering a password for future use. The consumer's information and password are securely stored under the auspices of a participating financial institution. First USA will offer the InstaBuy service to consumers across the Internet.

The next time the consumer shops at the same merchant or any other InstaBuy- enabled merchant, the InstaBuy window pops up on the merchant's payment page, already loaded with the consumer's purchase information. The consumer simply enters his or her password and completes the purchase.

"Despite the strength of e-commerce during the recent holiday shopping season, merchants continue to tell us that customer drop-off rates remain a significant problem," said Yaro. "When a customer visits a merchant Web site, picks out something to buy, puts it in his or her 'shopping cart,' but leaves before concluding the purchase, something is very wrong. By making the transaction easy and safe for the consumer, the InstaBuy service helps merchants retain these prospective customers."

Impulse! Buy Network was one of the first Internet commerce solution providers to announce it would integrate the InstaBuy service into its online shopping solution.