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APEX Interactive Debuts Security Program

APEX Interactive Inc. this week released Behind Bars, a security program used over the Internet to limit access to specific pages by utilizing bar codes.

The Behind Bars technology enables the use of inexpensive palm-size bar code readers for allowing access to predetermined Internet pages. The Behind Bars software is hosted on the same machine as the Web server, and allows access only to the devices that are programmed for a specific page. The bar code reader is activated by entering a password, and then holding the reader up to the computer monitor so it can read a flashing bar code. The device displays a series of characters that gains the user access to the Web page.

Additional security is available, as the bar-coded challenge changes each time the page is reloaded. The correct response must be received by the computer in a minute or less, or it not valid. Also, the system will not accept the same response twice, preventing an attack on any specific challenge phrase.

APEX said the bar code technology was developed to provide an acceptable and cost-effective security solution for e-commerce users.