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Dell Launches Online Superstore

Computer retailer Dell Computer Corp. Wednesday launched Gigabuys.com, a new online superstore that will offer software and other computer-related products.

Michael Dell, Dell Computer's chairman and chief executive officer, said the new site was a natural extension of the company's business. Dell hopes to quickly grow the site into one of the Web's premier computer shopping sites.

"Gigabuys.com offers all online computer shoppers a convenient way to buy all the software and accessories they need for their computers. This includes not only Dell's existing customers, who we hope to deepen our relationship with through Gigabuys.com, but also customers who haven't yet bought from Dell...," he said.

Dell said Gigabuys.com will offer more than 30,000 computer-related products at launch and will expand the inventory by 25 percent later this year. In addition to consumer-oriented items such as printers, digital cameras, scanners, games and education software, the site will also carry routers, network cards and other items used by businesses.

The site will also offer customization features, allowing current Dell customers to get the appropriate software and hardware upgrades for their computer.

Dell is certainly no stranger to electronic commerce since it's Web site currently sales more than $14 million in products every day. However, it's entering a crowded field by expanding product offerings. A variety of retailers, including Outpost.com and Egghead.com are also targeting consumers.