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U.S. Dial Inc. Delivers ClickDial for E-Customer Service

Sterling, VA-based U.S. Dial delivered its ClickDial e-commerce site customer service enhancement offering, allowing clients to integrate the capabilities of a Web commerce site with any standard telephone call center.

Web customers can contact any ClickDial-enabled Web site from a PC, equipped with speakers and a microphone, and speak directly with company representatives without interrupting their Internet session.

ClickDial also can facilitate intranet communication between employees by allowing conversations or collaboration from distant offices.

"ClickDial is the perfect way to increase sales directly from your Web site, provide enhanced customer service, or offer unique new information sources," said Bryan J. Paulk, President and CEO. "ClickDial combines the convenience and familiarity of voice communication and compatibility with any phone system, with the richness of the Internet. ClickDial is implemented as a hyperlink and is easily integrated into existing Web pages using standard HTML. . ."

Pricing ranges from low-end plans starting at $19.95 a month to high-end customized solutions.