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B2B Dispute Resolution Arrives

The American Arbitration Association in New York (AAA), a conflict management and dispute resolution provider, launched a new Dispute Risk Management Web site for online B2B participants.

The site features a specialized B2B e-commerce "Panel of Neutrals" available to address disagreements.

The idea is "to assess the potential for value/supply chain disputes, prevent or contain conflicts, and resolve disputes quickly and fairly if they do occur," the AAA said.

With analysts projecting a $4.8 trillion B2B market by 2004, business disputes are becoming inevitable and threaten to disrupt B2B e-commerce, the association said.

"With more businesses moving their B2B value/supply chains online, companies need to ensure that they have a solid mechanism for dispute risk management," said William K. Slate II, president and CEO of the AAA. "The speed and integrity of continuous e-supply chains requires new modes of prevention and containment."

Via the Web site, the AAA e-commerce group will offer online claims and case management for B2B disputes, combined with in-person processes administered by experienced case managers. This hybrid solution will serve cases where online services alone are not enough, the association said. The e-commerce group will also offer advisory services to educate and help organizations implement ongoing B2B dispute resolution and management programs, including how to move claims online.

An initial global panel of B2B e-commerce neutrals has been selected from among the AAA's 11,000-name databank.

The site will also offer the general public an online process for submission of B2B e-commerce disputes; management of B2B e-commerce cases including case management tools and services to efficiently resolve disputes through on-call mediation or online "documents-only" arbitration; as well as current events, announcements and information on B2B e-commerce dispute risk management.