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Business Week Launches Quarterly On E-Business

Business Week launched "Business Week e.biz," a quarterly report on electronic business, in its March 22 issue.

For the debut issue, the staff interviewed more than 275 experts on the front lines of e-business and produced a list of Top 10 Must-dos for any CEO -- or CEO wannabe -- who wants to thrive in the Internet Era.

Business Week will also launch a Web site that will be updated daily, with extra stories, columnists, data and insights.

"Electronic business is uncharted territory, so expect trip-ups as well as triumphs," said Kathy Rebello, managing editor of Business Week e.biz and the magazine's senior editor in charge of information technology coverage.

"Business Week e.biz quarterly will deal with the big issues and trends -- how to profit, how to avoid the pitfalls, and who the people are behind it. We'll always keep the broad perspective, but future issues will drill down into how specific parts of companies can remake themselves."