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Netscape Expands Software Store on Netcenter

Netscape Communications Corp. Tuesday launched an expanded and redesigned version of its Netscape Store which features a variety of the company's products.

The company plans to significantly expand inventory to include thousands of third-party software, books and merchandise. Netscape also plans to tightly integrate several of its most popular titles into the story, making the store a one-stop shop for Internet and intranet software.

The store is presently available here in beta form.

"Netscape was among the Internet's first online retailers and a pioneer in the distribution of software online, so expanding our software store is a clear next step," said Maria Wilhelm, Netscape's senior vice president of consumer programming.

"We have a loyal installed base of over 70 million client software users, more than 500,000 online purchasers to date and a growing community of more than 10 million Netcenter members. By leveraging this enormous customer base and applying our technology expertise, Netscape is in a unique position to create the definitive destination for software shopping on the Net," she said.

In addition to the latest titles from such companies as Adobe Systems, Intuit Inc., Symantec and Microsoft Corp., software and books are featured from a number of other companies are available. The site also carries titles for children and family of all ages.