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Directory of 1.2 Million Women Business Owners Planned

Pearl River, NY-based Frontline Communications Corp. said that its subsidiary, WOWFactor.com, an online directory of women business owners, has acquired a database of more than 1.2 million women business owners who will be joining WOWFactor (Women On the Web) for a public re-launching next month.

"WOWFactor is not about horoscopes or fad diets," said Margaret McGillin, president of WOWFactor. "Our mission is to provide an active marketplace and business services for women business owners. . . .We seek to facilitate transactions among these women and that is the key difference between WOWFactor and traditional "community" or "content" sites.

McGillin founded WOWFactor in 1995 and Frontline Communications, an Internet access and e-commerce company , acquired it in 1998. Founded in 1995, Frontline provides "Effortless Ecommerce" and Internet access to small businesses in the Northeast. Frontline currently services over 15,000 subscribers.