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NetPack Inc. Introduces Grocery Store Version of First Internet Access Card

Irvine, CA-based NetPack Inc. said it will offer a scaled- down version of its First Internet Access Card to major grocery store chains as an addition to its First Internet Access Card program.

"Many grocery chain stores presently offer membership cards to their customers," said Nils-Eric Svensson, vice president of marketing for NetPack. "With our new addition, large grocery chain stores now will be able to offer their shoppers tailored Internet-based recipes, children's games, software and general household informational services utilizing the new NetPack card system."

NetPack has developed a proprietary database and packaging system for the off- line sale of Internet products and services. NetPack also has an "e publishing" division, an online publishing service dedicated to the publications of educational and legal material using the NetPack distribution system.

For grocery store customers, the NetPack card is passed over the bar code reader at checkout stands, as with any other item being purchased. The pass will inventory the card, validate the card, and issue a password printed on the customer's grocery receipt. Using their computer, the customer can then access the appropriate Internet Web site, and enjoy the material or software programs being offered.

The grocery store can then update or post store specials or any other deliverable product or message the store might choose to pass along to the shopper on the Web site. Like NetPack's other versions of the First Internet Access Card, the scaled-down NetPack card is worthless unless it is validated at the merchant's register.

"The advantages are cost-effective communications, promotions and a myriad of free shopper benefits," Svensson said. "The retailer will have no additional point-of-sale software to purchase, and most of all they can deliver this product for less than $2 per customer. This in turn can deliver hundreds of dollars worth of tailored programs or software to their shoppers as a free gift, encouraging them to shop at their stores."

NetPack President Frank Jakubaitis said the company has formed a new division to handle this distribution media, and estimated that the revenue from this spin-off alone will generate in excess of $20 million per year.