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CyberSource Delivers Address Verification App

San Jose, CA-based CyberSource Corp., a provider of e-commerce transaction services, said it is expanding the CyberSource eTransaction Suite to include the Internet's first real-time delivery address verification service, CyberSourceD@ve.

D@ve enables Web merchants to avoid mis-shipments due to addressing errors that result in millions of dollars of unnecessary costs, loss of goods, and dissatisfied customers, the company said.

D@ve minimizes mis-shipment liability by controlling mis-shipments to less than 0.5 percent--giving merchants a return on investment of 600 percent or more, CyberSource said.

"We have seen D@ve cut the incidence of returned goods from 3 percent to well under 1 percent by identifying undeliverable addresses early in the order flow," said Richard Lancaster, president of CobWeb Inc., a high-end turnkey e-commerce solution provider. "When you are shipping 100,000 pieces at $20 a piece, that kind of reduction results in huge cost savings."

CyberSource D@ve works by applying database and fuzzy-logic technologies to a consumer's typed address and confirms that the city/state/zip combination in the U.S. or in Canada is correct as well as the existence of the street and street address. The validation process typically requires only a few seconds to execute and can take place before or concurrent with credit card authorization.

If the address cannot be validated, order processing stops and a decline message is returned to the merchant, along with detailed information that identifies specific problems with non-valid delivery addresses. The merchant then prompts the consumer for a resolution.

CyberSource's eTransaction Suite already includes online payment, fraud scanning, digital delivery, fulfillment messaging and other transaction services.

CyberSource D@ve and the complete CyberSource eTransaction Suite are available now. Pricing was not disclosed.

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