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BroadVision Initiates $10 Million Venture Fund

Internet enterprise applications provider BroadVision, Inc. Thursday announced plans to begin a $10 million venture arm.

The BroadVision E-Everything/E-Everywhere Network Fund, also called the BE4 Fund, is aimed at e-business startups that employ BroadVision products and services.

In addition, the company will also offer fledgling companies preferred pricing that it terms "aggressive and flexible prices" on its offerings.

BroadVision said The BE4 Fund is based on its previous partnerings with e-startups including Cyberian Outpost, USinternetworking and First Web.

In addition to preferred pricing, BroadVision cited other benefits of the BE4 program, such as its technical experience with more than 270 customers who have employed its software applications. The apps include advanced transaction capabilities, personalization, content management, scalability, performance, and internationalization. Broadvision said it will aid companies in delivering products more quickly to the market place and offer a network of ongoing support.

"In the last six years, BroadVision has worked to become an industry leader in providing end-to-end solutions to automate the e-enterprise and enable the e-business," said Pehong Chen, BroadVision's president and chief executive officer.

"Now we feel it is time to give back to the industry that gave BroadVision the opportunity to be where it is today, by supporting new e-startups and enabling them to become the next Amazon or E*Trade."

BroadVision also recently announced it is teaming with e-marketing software provider Andromedia to provide e-commerce merchants with data analysis and reporting.

San Francisco-based Andromedia and Redwood City, Calif.-based BroadVision collaborated to develop monitoring technology that determines how customers are actually interacting with an e-commerce application, not just the Web server.

The companies will integrate Andromedia's newly introduced ARIA eCommerce 3.0 with BroadVision's One-To-One Internet applications. The integration was requested by joint Andromedia and BroadVision customers who needed to analyze actual customer shopping behavior in realtime by tracking, recording, and reporting on critical e-commerce events such as products viewed, shopping cart inserts and deletes, purchases, and conversion rates.

"This deeper integration yields marketers the highest value data analysis and reporting available, and provides the most comprehensive view of customer behavior and the most complete picture of the site," the companies said in a statement.