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Andromedia Adds Partners for E-Marketing Platform

San Francisco-based Andromedia Inc. said that e-commerce software providers including Allaire, Vignette, Art Technology Group and Netscape are supporting its new ARIA eCommerce 3.0 application.

The analysis solution integrates with popular e-commerce platforms to provide real-time monitoring and reporting of online shopping behavior.

ARIA eCommerce is part of Andromedia's Smart eMarketing platform comprised of the ARIA and LikeMinds product lines.

"The requirements for e-marketing are measurement, analysis and personalization," said Steve Kanzler, Andromedia vice president of marketing. "But it all starts with the data. High-value data equals high-value reports and more accurate and satisfying personalization. ARIA has long been the only product on the market optimized to track Vignette StoryServer-powered Web sites. Andromedia is partnering with leading e-commerce platform providers Allaire, ATG, and Netscape to tightly integrate ARIA with their e-commerce applications. . ."