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Yahoo, GreenMountain Deal Electric With Possibilities

Vermont-based GreenMountain.com signed a marketing agreement with Yahoo! Inc. to sell its "cleaner electricity" as Yahoo!'s premier consumer energy merchant.

Green Mountain will run banner advertisements throughout the Yahoo! network, allowing consumers in certain states to purchase electricity made from energy blends featuring renewable energy sources, such as wind, small-scale hydro, biomass and/or geothermal. The renewable sources are generally referred to as "green" energy because they have less impact on the environment than other generating sources, like coal.

Banner advertisements will be specifically served to Yahoo! users in California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Green Mountain currently operates in California and Pennsylvania, two states that have a deregulated electricity market, and it expects to begin operations in New Jersey this fall.

"This is one of the first relationships between a leading Internet company and a retail energy provider. Through this agreement, GreenMountain.com is executing on our goal to raise awareness of environmental consciousness through the Web, while giving customers the ability to choose what is right for them and for the environment," said Sam Wyly, chairman of GreenMountain.com.

"Yahoo! can now provide a simplified solution for users selecting electricity, while also addressing an important consumer need," said Yahoo!'s Ellen Siminoff, vice president of business development and strategic planning. "It is a great way to use the Internet to bring about positive change to the environment."