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Levi's Online Store Using Andromedia Technology

Levi Strauss & Co.'s recently launched online store at www.levi.com is using Andromedia Inc.'s LikeMinds personalization technology to make purchase suggestions to customers.

LikeMinds uses predictive modeling technology that analyzes past customer behavior and preferences, identifies like-minded individuals, and makes personalized product recommendations for them in real time.

"Levi taught us a great deal about the online retail market and allowed us to develop a number of new innovations to the technology," said Steve Kanzler, Andromedia vice president of marketing.

"For instance, it was at the Levi site that we proved that lifestyle preferences can be used to deliver accurate product recommendations. In fact, the site has been so successful that Levi is now in the process of making a major upgrade to handle the traffic."

In a first-of-its-kind application called Style Finder, the Levi's site uses the LikeMinds technology to give customers recommendations about the latest Levi's looks that fit well with their personal style, based on how they answer a series of questions about music, fashion, and fun.

According to Levi Strauss & Co., 74 percent of customers who have used the technology said the clothing recommendations were "right on." The Levi's Online Store represents the first personalization effort in the fashion industry to utilize collaborative filtering for e-commerce, Andromedia said.