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Edison Inc. Launches Turnkey E-Commerce Server/Software Solution

Amarillo, TX-based Thomas A. Edison Inc. is delivering a turnkey e-commerce server/software solution that it says "features everything a business needs to build an electronic storefront."

The e-commerce solution is targeted to merchants who want a low-cost "out-of-the-box" electronic storefront.

The Thomas A. Edison Commerce Suite uses a patent pending technology and e-commerce software suite from Emrys Solutions of Dallas, TX, to accelerate the speed at which transactions can be processed over the Internet. This technology allows Web sites that use the TAE Commerce suite to display data and take orders at up to 20 times faster than existing technology, the company said.

The Thomas A. Edison Commerce Server includes a TAE-manufactured Intel Pentium II 350MHz system, 256 MBs SDRAM, 13GBs of storage, a Hewlett-Packard T-5000 tape back-up system, 36X CD-ROM, 1.44 floppy drive, 10Base-T PCI Ethernet card, 15-inch monitor, 4MB-video card, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 server (5-user).

Bundled with it is Emrys Solutions software, which can support a commerce site capable of handling up to 300 simultaneous online users. The Emrys software combines a customized Internet storefront design package with a Web-based, point-of-sale package.

Features include: a Web page designer that employs a simple wizard approach to create a custom site, real-time order processing, workflow tracking, inventory tracking, invoicing, accounts receivable/payable, purchase order, and credit card processing. The package is available for $9,995 subject to custom configurations. Pricing for the hosted version starts at $2,995.