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Spinner.com, CityAuction Offer Co-Branded Music Auctions

Burlingame, CA-based music service Spinner.com launched Spinner.com Auctions, a music auction partnership with San Francisco-based CityAuction, a geographically targeted person-to-person online auction site.

Spinner.com will offer its listeners a place to buy and sell music CDs, vinyl, cassette tapes, audio equipment and memorabilia through the co-branded auction marketplace accessible on the Spinner.com homepage.

"Our partnership with CityAuction is a reflection of our move toward co-branded partnerships aimed at offering our listeners content-related commerce," said Dave Samuel, CEO and founder of Spinner.com. "Music-related auctions are a natural progression for our service." Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

CityAuction allows sellers to geographically target their auctions, so bidders can view auctions that sellers have designated as local in their area, in addition to auctions of national and international scope.

"By partnering with Spinner.com, we're helping Spinner.com's one million unique listeners per month find other music fans around the world and trade with one another," said Andy Rebele, CEO and founder of CityAuction.

As part of the co-branding agreement, Spinner.com will display CityAuction banner ads on its site and music players, run rich media ads with audio messages and display links on its site to relevant CityAuction music categories.

Founded in 1997, CityAuction is a subsidiary of TicketMaster Online-CitySearch.

Spinner.com features a database of 150,000 digitized songs delivered over 100+ highly specialized music channels. The Spinner.com music players--the Web-based Spinner and the stand-alone Internet application Spinner Plus--display song information as music is played, while providing dynamic links that enable online purchasing.