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Cyberian Outpost Offer Free Overnight Shipping

Kent, CT-based computer products retailer Cyberian Outpost Inc. launched a free overnight delivery initiative called TruePrice.

The company said its Outpost.com store will provide free overnight delivery to customers in the United States, accepting orders until midnight Eastern Time.

The company has also announced the expansion of its customer service Contact Center to accept calls 24-hours a day, from 8 a.m. Monday through 5 p.m. Saturday Eastern Time.

"Intensifying Outpost.com's commitment to providing shoppers with competitive prices and superior customer service, these initiatives distinguish Outpost.com as the only online retailer to provide these services," the company said.

The TruePrice policy applies to all computer products at Outpost.com, and Outpost.com's auction site, OutpostAuctions.com.

The addition of free overnight shipping to the company's business model represents an attempt to end the shipping-cost confusion that some consumers have experienced when ordering products online. Rather than leaving customers to guess at their total checkout price, shoppers at Outpost.com will immediately know the TruePrice of their purchase.

Inflated and/or misleading shipping costs at some e-commerce operations have recently been the subject of some concern raised in various national publications.

"We have always been committed to providing our customers with competitive prices, but in a market where shipping costs are not clearly defined, it is often difficult for consumers to understand who is offering the best deal," said Darryl Peck, president and chief executive officer of Cyberian Outpost. "By offering free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee to consumers, we are effectively taking the guesswork out of online shopping. . ."

Some limitations to the TruePrice policy do apply. Out of stock items will be shipped free of charge upon receipt. The offer is limited to the first $100 of shipping costs and is currently only valid for shipments within the United States. In some areas, overnight shipping may not be available.