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InfoSpace.com to Release Shopping Product in May

InfoSpace.com, a provider of private label solutions for content, community and commerce, said that ActiveShopper, its integrated private label e-commerce shopping solution, is ahead of schedule and will launch in May.

The company said ActiveShopper is designed to be a comprehensive integrated e-commerce solution "that will define the standard for the next generation of shopping products."

"Our affiliate partners are telling us that users want to shop in context of what they are doing rather than going to a shopping channel or using a stand-alone shopping product that is not integrated with the content they are using," said Naveen Jain, chairman and CEO of InfoSpace.com. "For example. . .users browsing a story about a particular gizmo should be able to buy that gizmo online from that page."

As an ongoing trend, the company said, users are going directly to e-merchants to purchase items rather than going through the company's affiliate sites. With the introduction of ActiveShopper, users will need only to go to an InfoSpace.com affiliate site to research, buy and obtain special promotions for any product offered online, thus bringing the loyalty of these users back to the affiliates.

ActiveShopper will also enable InfoSpace.com's network of affiliates to become the merchant themselves and will allow them to bypass e-merchants by giving them an option to directly order from the wholesalers or manufacturers, the company said.

"This is a giant leap from the current generation of product comparison products that are available today," Jain said

Initial product categories are apparel, books and literature, communications, computer hardware, computer software, computer and video games, consumer electronics, flowers and cards, gifts and candy, home and garden, movies, video and DVDs, music, office supplies and equipment and toys and games.

InfoSpace.com's affiliate network consists of more than 1,500 Web sites, including AOL, Netscape, Microsoft, Lycos, MetaCrawler, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, ABC LocalNet and CBS's affiliated TV stations, among others.