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NetVmg Unveils Flow Control Platform 2.0

San Jose, Calif.-based route control play netVmg plans to take the wraps off its Flow Control Platform (FCP) 2.0 Monday, positing it as a product that enables measurable Internet performance, route optimization in public and private VPNs.

The company, which plans to introduce the FCP at the Networld+Interop (N+I) 2002 Las Vegas conference, said the upgraded platform gives companies an affordable, flexible software to optimize network performance and control costs.

It allows businesses to route all Internet traffic -- as opposed to Web-only traffic -- across multiple networks based on specific business and application needs.

netVmg senior director of marketing Kim Kapustka told InternetNews the FCP upgrade lets corporate clients control the cost and performance of their Internet network resources. The FCP 2.0 is scaled to larger networks and can be used to optimize VPN traffic flows between branch offices and corporate data centers across both private network-based and Internet-based links, she said.

The two-year-old netVmg said three different models of the FCP 2.0 product would be put on the market. The Model 5000, which is aimed at large multi-homed enterprises and content providers with significant bandwidth usage and growth projections, is styled as a modular platform with expansion slots for easy upgrades.

The Model 5000, which is already available, includes a FlowCollector Processor with two Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces for real-time traffic analysis and a FlowDirector Processor, which monitors and optimizes thousands of destination networks simultaneously.

netVmg said the Model 1000 is available for moderately-sized multi-homed enterprises with stable bandwidth growth projections. It also provides a FlowCollector Processor and the FlowDirector Processor

The Model 50R, which will hit the market in June 2002, is aimed at small multi-homed branch offices exchanging information with corporate data center applications. NetVmg said the Model 50R delivers VPN optimization capability in a small-footprint appliance and can optimize flows to up to 50 destination networks simultaneously . For a typical corporate implementation, pricing starts at $100,000 and netVmg said the Model 50R would run at $10,000 per unit for a typical remote/branch office configuration.

netVmg initially released its FCP last November and now counts Sony Online Entertainment and Equinex among its core clients for the software.

To measure actual traffic performance, netVmg said FCP is used to monitor an organization's actual traffic flows with its passive flow analysis software --without adding data or probes to the wire. "This architectural approach supports all types of traffic, enables accurate measurements, and allows the FCP to scale an order of magnitude greater than alternative approaches," the company said.

netVmg, which employs 60 at offices in California, Chicago and New York, has raised about $39.5 million in venture capital funding since launching in 2000. Backers include Accel Partners, BlackBoard Ventures, Duff Ackerman & Goodrich LLC., and ITOCHU.

Last month, the company appointed former CacheFlow executive Alan Robin as president and CEO.