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PSINet Makes VPNs Secure for Remote Internet Access

PSINet Inc. Tuesday introduced secured remote access services for intranets, extranets and virtual private networks.

PSINet's new service provides controlled access of authorized individual dialup users to a company's private network. There is no capital investment required to initiate the service and the local security network is not compromised.

PSINet Secure Remote Access provides companies operating an private network with a greater level of security because remote users are subjected to the same security policy that mediates access between the private networks and the public Internet

The programming only permits a user from an authorized source to access the Intranet and data can not be tampered with during transmission. A virtual modem pool replaces the authorization scheme maintained in a corporate intranet to allow for remote access security.

"Security is a critical issue for many companies that use remote access systems for their employees around the country or the world. This service will allow access anywhere in the world without the concerns typically associated with remote access services," said William Opet, president of PSINet's corporate network services.